This year I’ve the opportunity to execute a project at Siemens. Different to Oracle and ERP system, this is the first time I get the hands-on experience with SAP. Once I met a femal engineer at a coding session, she told me it’s not easy to become a SAP developer. Since the entry level is pretty high, there are a variety of modules: CO/ MM/ SD/PP. Needless to say, SAP its own programming language: ABAP.

Siemens badge sent from Germany

My duty is to create the orders on the system, check the balance sheets, and help the company deliver the goods from Silicon Valley to Taipei. However, one of the hardest drawbacks is to set configuration during implementing SAP. SAP only accepted own interface. It means that enterprise have to change old business interface into new “SAP-way.” Moreover, while I was searching for vendor info., there were few limited ways to check the old database. Therefore, I would highly recommend SAP developers continue to think how to create the system in a more sophisticated ways.

Except ABAP it’s own programming language, I’m lucky enough to use EDI(Electronic Data Interchange) through Intermediate documents (IDOCS) while I was corresponding with Siemens personnel from North America. It’s a pleasure to work with them.

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