Get Up & Get Out

Back to the writing gig

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The best part about writing for me is reflecting. And from reflecting, I uncover shades of my personality that I hadn’t confronted before — the good & the bad. All extracted from an entry about my day. This isn’t a new concept for most people; yet for some reason, it’s a hobby I once picked up in high school that I mindlessly let go of because “college life” became my main focus. A schedule I considered to be “too busy” as a freshman: endless rounds of Netflix-and-chill, napping for ungodly hours, or going to Trader Joe’s every other day simply to walk through aisles.

So, wow was I re-introduced to leisure writing? Studying abroad, of course. Where else can I explore a new city among fresh faces who share different cultural values and soon teach me some of the most valuable lessons? (This topic is for another post in the upcoming weeks). As a morning person and one with a swimmingly flexible schedule, I wanted to re-activate my brain by reading three articles a day (a New Year resolution of mine) and by jotting down my To-Do list for the day. Whether it’s right when I wake up to scribble down a dream that lingers or when I sleeplessly lay in bed at 2am, I try to pick up my notebook whenever inspiration sparks. Even while abroad, most of my entries have been about the highlights of my day and how I can improve any aspect of my being [as in: body, mind + soul].

Over the course of this new-found itch to write, re-reading my entries at the end of the week helps me detect various patterns I see within each day — from the polarity of my writing style in the morning versus the night to the particular moments in my day that stick with me. Among my more accomplished days, I’ve noticed one common trait that each entry shares: early risers are my kind of people. We find no better feeling than starting the day by opening the windows to un-stuff the used-up air and boiling water for my morning cup of coffee or green tea. I come across my most meditative moments lighting a candle and tuning into the Billie Holiday radio station on Spotify before getting dressed. There comes an ease with opening my notebook once the air in my room turns into a grapefruit-papaya paradise.(Thanks, Anthropologie candle collection). Each entry written in the morning tends to be more neat and consistent. It’s true: I sit there for a brief minute admiring my penmanship.

In the morning, I have the power to plan and carve out the most productive day. I thoroughly enjoy being active before any of my friends, knowing that I have some “me-time” to conquer a few more tasks than the average person. Unfortunately, there’s something about sleeping in that makes me go mad — unless my body desperately aches after coming home from weekend shenanigans at 5am. Even if my slumber is cut short, I depend on those 20 minute naps to relieve me from my late afternoon snoozy eyes.

Yes, if I could choose only one habit to hold onto for the rest of my life, it would be getting an early start to the day. So get up with the sun and get OUT!…and maybe write down your To-Do list for the day while you’re at it.

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