Stay organized across your devices with Office 365

Ava adams
Ava adams
Nov 25, 2019 · 3 min read

Office 365 is an outstanding cloud-based subscription service and is highly admired across the globe. It brings together the best tools for the people working in professional fields these days. Office 365 is used worldwide because of the salient features & its combined applications like Excel and Outlook. Also, its user enjoys powerful cloud service like OneDrive & Microsoft Teams and also create & share anywhere on any device. Office 365 Setup is very easy and beneficial. It’s not only integrated with online applications like Word, Excel PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Sway & Access but also provides communication & collaboration services like Skype for Business & Microsoft Teams. If you haven’t yet downloaded or installed Office 365, then you must not delay anymore as you are missing a lot that can revolutionize the way you work!

Know more interesting things about Office 365 & its features:-

Office 365, launched by Microsoft has won the hearts of millions as it also serves as cloud-based software as service products for the business environment. It provides an exchange server, Skype for Business Server and SharePoint among others. It even includes the automatic update to their respective programs with no hidden or additional charges. It is available in several subscription plans aimed for different requirements & market segments, some of them are given below:

  1. Personal: It lets you access Microsoft Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, & Access for home/non-commercial use on computers, tablet, Android, Windows as well as iOS devices.
  2. Office365 for Home: This is mainly aimed at launched for Personal users and families and can be used on up to 6 devices by up to 6 users.
  3. Business Essentials: It is considered for the small business and provides access to SharePoint, hosted Exchange & Lync service. Also, its users get office online for the Outlook, Word, Excel, One Note, and PowerPoint for the web-based versions.
  4. Enterprise: It is exclusively launched for enterprise environments. Its users get access to all Office applications, SharePoint, hosted Exchange, Skype for business services. Enterprise-specific legal consent features & support are provided to the users they choose this product.
  5. Business: It includes access to desktop applications for MacBooks and personal computers for up to 5 computers per user. Please note that it doesn’t provide online services.

There is more subscription that includes MidSize Business, Business Premium, ProPlus, etc, TO know about them and their installation you can visit and get work more organized. With the usage of Office application, you make a lot of difference and vast changes in the way you work!

How using Office 365 can prove to be beneficial?

Well, there are enormous benefits you can avail of while using Office 365. It several plans are offered for home & personal use as well as for the small & medium-sized businesses, enterprises, non-profits, and schools. No matter which plans you select, all of them include up to 1TB cloud storage. It is APPROXIMATELY CLOSE TO 300,000 PICTURES OR 1,000,000 documents. Every user can get it on 5 computer/Macs/tablets/mobiles devices. Even the subscription can be shared with up to 6 family members. It keeps on bringing security updates, improvements, & access to the latest features, in order to enhance the user’s experience. Given below are the reasons, you will love to Setup Microsoft Office 365:

  • Office 365 can be used on multiple devices (up to 5 )
  • Its new version supports new touchscreen devices. Any user having laptops & tablets using Windows 8 can beneficial.
  • Its improved productivity and user-friendly interface have made the user-experience simple & easy.
  • It has made file sharing and communication easy. By default, it keeps your files in the cloud. And using Skype you can anytime converse with your colleagues, family, friends or acquaintances for free.

So, using these Office 365 applications, you can become more professional in your work area and enhance your skill to be more creative in your work. There is a lot more that can benefit you when you will get Office setup and register yourself for its usage.

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