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Analyze complex questions
Our smart bots evaluate all possible meanings and interpretations to determine what the user is asking. Enterprise Messaging
Avaamo Conversation Engine: The “brain” of the bot consists of several core libraries and modules developed and trained to understand syntax, tone, behavior and goals. The first enterprise grade bot platform designed from the ground up to enable enterprises to create, develop, manage, and rapidly deploy bots for use by your employees as well as by customers. Secure Bots Platform
Relevant answers or solutions: Based on all available information and supported by our cognitive technologies our bots will execute judgement-intensive tasks.
Enterprise controls
Manage access to your enterprise Bot Store, approve channels for deployment, and set limits on who can use and manage custom bots. Maintain complete visibility with comprehensive reporting and analytics. Secure Bots Platform
Bot Features

· Deploy Anywhere · Conversational bots · Intent & behavior models · Interactive Smartcards · Industry domain handlers · Realtime Analytics · Goal-oriented bots · Multi-language API support · Integrations

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