Best Conspiracy Films

The Conspiracy (2013)

Dir: Christopher MacBride

Stars: Aaron Poole, James Gilbert, Ian Anderson

A documentary about conspiracy theories takes a horrific turn after the filmmakers uncover an ancient and dangerous secret society.

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The X Files (1998)

Dir: Rob Bowman

Stars: David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, John Neville

Mulder and Scully must fight the government in a conspiracy and find the truth about an alien colonization of Earth.

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The Skulls (2000)

Dir: Rob Cohen

Stars: Joshua Jackson, Paul Walker, Hill Harper

Luke McNamara, a college senior from a working class background joins a secret elitist college fraternity organization called “The Skulls”

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Parkland (2013)

Dir: Peter Landesman

Stars: Zac Efron, Tom Welling, Billy Bob Thornton

A recounting of the chaotic events that occurred at Dallas’ Parkland Hospital on the day U.S. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

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Soaked in Bleach (2015)

Dir: Benjamin Statler

Stars: Daniel Roebuck, Sarah Scott, August Emerson

Tom Grant, a private investigator once hired by Courtney Love, reveals his take on the death of Kurt Cobain.

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Clear and Present Danger (1994)

Dir: Phillip Noyce

Stars: Harrison Ford, Willem Dafoe, Anne Archer

CIA Analyst Jack Ryan is drawn into an illegal war fought by the US government against a Colombian drug cartel.

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The Arrival (1996)

Dir: David Twohy

Stars: Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Crouse, Richard Schiff

Zane, an astronomer, discovers intelligent alien life. But the aliens are keeping a deadly secret, and will do anything to stop Zane from learning it.

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