Is there a way to change the default colors used in the plugin?
Mohith Kanakula

Mohith Kanakula To change the default colors you will need to open the sketch plugin with a code/text editor and change following list of hex values to the same of yours. The same is explained in the article above.

May be I will add a GUI or something to define the list of colors; later.

// Define color palette
var color1 =  "#FC583B"
var color2 = "#FFD100"
var color3 = "#3ADCBE"
var color4 = "#5071FF"
var color5 = "#014EEF"
var color6 = "#FFF200"
var color7 = "#78379D"
var color8 = "#FE4F20"
var color9 = "#40BE65"
var color10 = "#EDC054"
var color11 = "#EDC054"
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