I was always told, and always witnessed, that one could get a lot farther in this life by being a douchebag. Now here we have a man who has douchebagged his way into the most powerful political office on the planet (or, what was the most powerful political office on the planet before he got hold of it).

I don’t need money bad enough to fuck people over for it. I just don’t need it that bad. Call it a character flaw.

It’s why I don’t understand why I was put on this planet in the first place. Look how it’s run! Look how it’s always been run, it’s insane. Money is nothing but a mass delusion, and that’s all it has ever been since its inception however many thousands of years ago. It’s not a measure of a person’s worth, and it never, ever, ever was.

You can’t drink gold. You can’t eat paper. You can’t breathe ones and zeros. This is a situation where “I’ll scratch your back and you’ll scratch mine” except lots and lots of people get gouged in the back because that’s all one could reasonably expect out of these capitalist or communist or feudalist or any other ist systems of imaginary shit.

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