With just a few lines of code, decentralized apps can improve onboarding and user experience.

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Avalanche is just the third layer one protocol to be integrated with Magic, a leader in passwordless logins and more user-friendly key management in crypto securing over 20 million user authentications per month.

You may know Magic better by its former name, Fortmatic. Since launching in February 2019, over 6,500 developers–including established DeFi brands like Uniswap, Aave, Augur, Bancor, and Zerion–have used its products and experienced dramatic improvements in user conversion rates, from ~10% (with browser extensions) to 84%.

With Magic’s software and Avalanche’s complete support for the Ethereum Virtual Machine and all of its tooling, it has never been easier for developers across the Ethereum, Magic, and Avalanche communities to launch powerful applications with frictionless onboarding experiences. …

With more people than ever interested in Avalanche, this overview will help new community members get up to speed and ready to dive deeper.

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Avalanche is a platform that enables people and enterprises around the world to build decentralized solutions at scale. Now with Avalanche running on mainnet, we wanted to compile a deep overview of the platform to help you get up to speed on how the Avalanche platform works.

Within this article, you’ll learn:

Users can securely store AVAX using the Ledger Nano S hardware wallets

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Ecosystem growth on Avalanche is imperative. Leading up to mainnet launch, our team focused on strengthening the platform and building out tooling for developers: Chainlink, Whiteblock, Quantstamp, and more. Moving forward, we will maintain this diligence and expand our efforts towards all solutions that benefit users both for developers and users.

Today, we’re adding Ledger, the leader in cryptocurrency and blockchain security, to our rapidly growing suite of solutions available on Avalanche, enabling users to securely store and access their AVAX tokens using the Ledger Nano S hardware wallets. …


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