Resolution Tips You May Need To-Do To Achieve Your 2022 Resolution

Happy new year to all of the human in the Earth!

How is your 2021?

I bet almost all of you having a rough year this year, cause I think we still in a recovery phase from COVID-19 am I right? The struggle of having to wear a mask everytime we visit public places😷, the sanitizer that maybe some of you always to carry🙅 and there's other thing that some people do to prevent this virus😌. It's already more than 2 years for now, moreover at the end of the year there's a new COVID variant. Ooops feels like it would never be over right? Okay, enough for the recap. I hope you guys stay healthy!!!

If you heard about the "New Year" word then this word will always be paired with "New Resolution" word, prepare your passion, write some list, and have a faith cause we've got a new year to spend to achieve our new resolution. Talking about resolution, did you achieve your 2021 resolution? How is it going with this old resolution(s) that you should be achieve by now, remembering the new year is in sight. If you didn't, well ... congratulation👏 cause you have a homework to do, or maybe just change it? It's up to you. But don't worry to much, no need to feel sad. Here I will breakdown some tips from me for you to achieve your Year 2022 Resolution😉

(For those who achieved already and have a new resolution to do you can keep using your method or try this method for comparison)

Let’s be prepared!

First: Write down your resolution📋

It's important to knowing what you want to first isn't it? You can write it down on your resolution book or just type it on your electronic devices for your mobility. After you've done writing it you'll see a list of what you expect for your New Resolution

Second: Set a goal✅

Write down your resolution will just become some black on white only if you do not set the goal. Life may flow like water, but your resolutions should know when it will arrive. That’s why you need to set a goal. When your resolution should be achieved? Is it in a month? Three months? A half year? You need to set it, because this is will makes you feel motivated and keep you on track like a deadline for your succeed!

Third: General to specific🔍

Check out the resolution you’ve wrote, can you notice that almost of your resolution is something in general. Like the wise said "Start from the scratch" is helping you to reach the bigger goal. In here, bigger goal could be represented as your resolution and the scratch or smaller goal is the way to achieve your resolution. For example:

2022 Resolution is Work in New Company which is this is your bigger goal, so how’s the scratch? To get a new job you should be looking for the vacancy so then the smaller is “Get a Vacancy”, after you have a vacancy to apply what you should do is make a resume. In here make a resume could be the first step you’ll do which is could take you to your resolution “Work in New Company”.

Fourth: Evaluate💯

Only doing what takes you to your resolution is not just enough, because we don’t know what will come ahead of us such as obstacle or such any. So this fourth step is to evaluate your progress to know how effective is your plan? Will it be efficient to help you achieve your resolution on time? Because sometimes we fail and we’ll start wondering, why can’t I get what I wanted? Why am I failed? Is there something wrong? You’ll keep wondering until you know what to improve and make an action.

Like the example before “Work in New Company” after you created your resume and sent it to apply the result could be not as what you expected, and it makes you still have a homework resolution to achieve. By evaluating it you’ll know what to do, such as you have to improve your resume by adding some skill the vacancy needs or your not competent enough to fill the position you applied or even you should find another vacancy to apply.

Evaluate is important so you’ll do any effort by being toughtful person rather than being stupid one who always failed because didn’t know why he/she failed and what to improve.

Fifth: Be consistent🔥

Consistency is the key to success but being consistent is hard, so how can we become consistent? Okay, if you start it from big, well I could make sure you’ll be having difficulties. So start from a scratch.

We’ll pick an example like before. You applied for vacancy but you didn’t get it and it probably because you leak of competency for the position you applied. Remember the tips before, you already do an evaluation to take action of what you should do to help you succeed, that’s why evaluating is important. Why you failed? Because you leak of skills needed to apply for the position. What you have to do? Get those skills! How to get those skills? To get those skills you may have to start learning those. And now just do it! Learn! Feel hard? Okay, do it slowly, make an agenda, you may start learning one day a week, stay on track! It’s okay even if you do it for a couple of month but don’t miss it even once! For while, you’ll start getting used to with it because you feel it’s way too easy, so maybe you’ll start learn 3 days a week, then five times a week and keep improving without realizing that you are starting become consistent person which once you thought it would be hard.

By being consistent you won’t give up to something too easy, consistency help you to achieve almost all. Being consistent is as important as evaluating. So, don’t forget to evaluate and be consistence then you’ll see you’re just an inch to achieve your goal😉

That was the last tips from me, thank you for have gone this far.

I’d like to say a few words before end this post.

I think, having a resolution is good for life because you live your life with a challange not just let life flow as it is. Resolution seems like really motivating me to become a better person but still, it’s okay if you choose to not having resolution doesn’t mean your life just like a flatline. Because remember …

Every one of us have our own path, and every one of us deserve happy with our own way!




For me being productive is when you use your time to the fullest, so that's why I spent my weekend to writing here. HYGLI☺️

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Avif A Gunawan

Avif A Gunawan

For me being productive is when you use your time to the fullest, so that's why I spent my weekend to writing here. HYGLI☺️

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