Bring Back Disco Please.. it’s time for a Revival

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Dec 30, 2018 · 3 min read

Viennas Pop Powerhouse, Charleesa (pronounced Shar-leesa)is starting a new trend with her latest single ‘Powerhouse’.

Since the singles release, she’s been the talk of the town with her unique Pop Soul Funky Fusion coming off the debut album — Eclectic & Diverse — No boxes please.

‘Powerhouse’ is an empowering song with strengthening lyrics and soulfully delivered vocals, synchronized with the sounds of retro 70’s funky disco style vibes — this one will really get your groove on! A great anthem for winter.

The music we are creating is…
This release encompasses everything that this album is about, personally speaking I am a empathic lightworker and I aim to shower my listeners with words of encouragement & love; whilst at the same time reminding them of the importance of harnessing the power within to shine brightly in our world.

We each have a purpose here in this life, to be who we are & to support each other and our planet. Look into your soul, find your way & climb to the very top of your mountain no matter how long or steep the road appears because the rewards are great; you are only ‘what you are’ and ‘you’re a star you should know’.

The direction of this album has moved from an acoustic singer songwriter style into the world of pop which has always had a big influence in my life. I watched shows like MTV, VH1 & the cult british TV show ‘Top Of The Pops’ growing up & I recorded the charts on ‘Radio One’ on Sunday’s, replaying and pausing to write down the lyrics of songs that I loved before magazines like ‘Smash Hits’ later printed them with a poster of the artist; this definatly had an impact on my own music so its kinda like coming full circle for me.

The music in my songs is designed to make you feel, dance & dream and the lyrics should resonate with everyone and of course make you think, smile & live.

Many listeners have already commented that the songs just seem to get right into your psyche, something they call an ear-wurm in German and that they have woken up singing them — this is one of the biggest compliments I could receive

Right now we are…
Alongside the release of my third single ‘Powerhouse’ taken from my debut album that I am currently recording, I also had my first official lyric video created which will be available on YouTube. I have recently started a new weekly feature on my Instagram IGTV channel, my Facebook page & my YouTube channel that I titled, Charleesa’s ‘Bedroom Studio Sessions’ — you can watch me perform songs in the videos every Saturday afternoon & get an insight into my studio stage space where I practice for gigs, work on new songs & studio recordings for my album. I plan to finish my album and release it in May 2019, then of course I plan to go on tour during the summer with some amazing artists….. but for more information on that you will have to sign up to my ‘Treasured members area’ on the homepage of my website or follow me on social media.



Story by Jacqueline Jax

Behind The Music Interview:
New Episode: 663 Behind The Music with Charleesa on Powerhouse

Charleesa comes on the show to speak about her new song ‘Powerhouse’ and how social media has taken a huge part in her musical journey. They talked about the benefits of live streams and video for artist and what she has planned for 2019. This is a terrific conversation for music fans and musicians.

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