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Fiona Ross is Black, White and a Little Bit of Grey

New Album:

Title: ‘Black, White and a Little Bit of Grey’ on Nov 17th so this is my focus right now. So the focus of this promotion is the new album.

Releasing my new album has been my goal and since February/March so all my focus has been on this project. My main goal is to get some really good gigs and go and do my thing! My last album released in April went down really well, so I wanted to follow up with another album quite quickly and start gigging from that.

I feel genuinely honored to be able to do what I do. I am completely surrounded by music and it is a wonderful place to be. I have been incredibly humbled by all the wonderful things everyone has been saying about me and my music — really didn’t expect that it would go down so well. People have been so supportive and amazing.

The Biggest challenge…
My life has changed dramatically in the last year. I have now released two albums and performed some amazing gigs — it’s just crazy!

My biggest challenge has been finding the time to do everything! It’s been full on and I never stop — but life’s too short so need to just go for it! I take each day at a time and set myself daily goals to achieve.

A big challenge for me is promotion. I am naturally quite introverted and find it very uncomfortable to shout about my work and what I do.

I am happiest just hiding behind my piano or in the studio or rehearsing with my musicians, doing my thing. But, ha, can’t do that, so it is a big effort for me to promote myself. I try to think of it separately, with a business head, rather than a musician head.

What’s coming up…
My plans for December are get some confirmed gig dates for next year and start performing all over! I’m hoping for Europe first and then hopefully some dates in the US.

2018 I am looking forward to getting out there and gigging my new album and just doing my thing.

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