Copy Room

Photo Credit Indiana University

The room is small and feels cramped

The wood walls are old and look worn

The big grey metal cabinet in the back squeeks randomly

The big copy machine is churning out copies

The paper feel warms when it comes out from the machine

The originals have a musty smell

You can feel the rough surface of the paper

You can hear the faint sound of a violin player practicing their scales

You can hear a trombone player practicing a run

You can hear a trumpet practicing on its high range

The notes blasting out sounding high and shrill

You’re flying all over the room

Double checking the copies

Making sure the originals line perfectly up with the scanner

Not wanting to cut off any markings or measure lines

People wonder why you give up your lunch for this

Why you would ever do work for free

But you take pride in the work you do

Even if it’s just paper

You find it amazing how

A pearly white page

With jet black ink dots can change

From something so dead and lifeless

To a sound that inspires people

That evokes feelings

Of happiness and joy

To sadness

It’s amazing how with practice and effort

We can make art from just some

Paper and ink