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For some it’s the best night of their lives

For others it’s a nightmare

Some hate the stress and pressure that comes with it

Worrying about your outfit

Stressing out about asking the girl that you want to take

Even when you do get a date there’s more work to do

Picking out the right corsage and flowers

Making sure that you make a good impression with her parents

Wondering how in the world you’re going to hang out with strangers

But don’t get me wrong there are plenty of fun parts

The live band blasting music

Dancing on tabletops

Running through sprinklers

Hanging out with some of the coolest people

Slow dances with the girl who makes your heart flutter

Running around town at 3 am being carefree and being happy

Seeing the beautiful smile of a girl

Hearing her laugh that you love to hear

Laughing so hard with your friends that your stomach hurts

Posing for pictures and looking fly

Looking into the mirror and thinking

Damn I look good

The tearful goodbyes and hugs

Knowing that this is the last time you’ll go to a dance with your friends

Prom is stressful and makes me worry

But it’s amazing and magical at the same time

Even though I’ve already gone twice

Each night has always felt special

Prom sucks

But no one ever wants that night to end