Running through the woods

Photo Credit Pinterest

I could hear my feet hitting the ground as I was running. I could see the moon half shrouded by clouds. I was running because I heard something chasing me. You could see my breath form small little clouds as I ran away the clouds became more frequent as I ran faster. I could hear it coming closer and then I started hearing it growl. The noise encouraged me to run even faster. I was worried that I was going to run into something because only a few rays of moonlight where visible in the dark forest but right now running away was the biggest of my problems. I saw the small cabin through a grove of trees. I knew that all I had to do was go through the grove and run through a field get inside the cabin. I put on a final burst of speed once I got through the grove of trees but it was pointless. After running for ten yards my foot went into a small little hole and I fell to the ground. I tried getting up but my ankle couldn’t support me. I knew it would all be over I saw it burst out of the grove of trees. It came at me taking all of it’s time knowing that there was no way that I could get away. I saw its glowing eyes and I knew it was over. It then rushed at me and it lunged at my face. It then proceeded to lick my face. I guess it was happy that I had lost our race.