Sternfeld Poem

Photo Credit

In memory of Jennifer Levin

The branches of the crab apple tree form a canopy over the soft ground.

The soft dirt is covered with branches

sunlight filters through the branches and leaves

The smell of dirt and freshly trimmed grass intermingle

a cold breeze blows through the air

The sound of people walking and talking and

in the distance you can faintly hear the sound of cars

the bustle of city life

but here it all goes away

trees and greenery envelop you

almost swallowing you whole

The shade from the tree remind you of picnics outside

and of good times with friends having fun

playing in the soft green grass

Normally one would feel peaceful and calm here

Time almost seems at a standstill

But for you it was anything but peaceful

His hands gripped at you never letting go until

All life was gone from you


What would have happened if your life was not cut so short?

You were only 18 you had endless possibilities

An entire life waiting for you

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