The Decisive Moment

Photo Credit Magnum Photos

Insignificant actions and events must conspire together in order to make a piece of art that will be remembered forever. Many little things came together to make one of Henri Cartiers Bresson most famous photos. Henri Cartier Bresson used a Leica rangefinder with a 50mm Sumicron lens to take this photo. The choice of his equipment allowed his picture to have a certain look. The artistic blurriness and vignetting that help make the picture complete are a result of the equipment that Henri Cartier Bresson chose to use. Luck was also one of the many bits that help make the picture memorable. Henri Cartier Bresson stumbled upon this scene. luck made it that the streets of Paris were flooded the day that he took this photo. Luck made it so that Henri Cartier Bresson looked through a fence to see man a jumping. Luck made it that every element of his photo came together at the decisive moment so that Henri Cartier bresson was able to take this photo. The camera equipment and luck work hand in hand to help make the finished product which in this case is a priceless piece of art. Luck can’t do everything though. You need skill and talent to be able to change a moment given to you by luck into a timeless piece of art. You need preparation to be ready to capture the image you’ve been waiting for months. You need dedication to your craft to be able to master it thoroughly that everything you do is almost instinctively done.