Things that are confusing

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There are many things in this world that I don’t understand

How do airplanes fly?

Why am I always hungry?

Why is school so boring?

But what confuses me the most is a girl I met junior year

She’s the most perplexing human being that I have ever met

She’s all warm and happy one instant

But then she’s furious

Then she’s all sweet and cuddly

And then she’s all sassy

I’m not sure if she’s insane

Or if I am for trying to understand her

She goes from talking to me all the time

To dropping off the face of the planet

Whenever she tells me that she loves me

I know that in a couple of weeks her opinion will change

And a couple of weeks later her mind will change again

Don’t get me wrong I love her

We both look out and care for each other

And I think we’ll always be friends

I just don’t understand her

She’s one of the sweetest and most compassianate girls I know

She’s also one of the most cold and angry people I know

Whenever we’re together

We’re not sure what’s going to happen

We either have a wonderful time

Or we don’t want to see each other for weeks

We either can’t get enough of each other

Or we can’t wait to leave each other

It’s never in between

I’m always left guessing whether or not she wants me

Maybe I’m not supposed to understand her

After all people are meant to be loved not understood

But then again she fascinates me

I guess I’ll always be trying to understand

This girl that will always baffle me