18 Years And Still Going – What Next?

Just curious..,,

As an experienced Sports Therapist and Exercise Physiologist practitioner, although it is now a hobby, I am passionate about helping people via my discipline including referring to other specialist care if needed. Indeed it out duty as health pros to do this however it s ‘just in our nature.’

Not enough…

BUT for me its not enough on its own. Once the Problem is rebalanced, we should then be offering that person advice on balancing other aspects of their Health and Well being. through diet , appropriate activity and the consumption of enough water. Most fall short so we have an obligation given our influence.

A meaningful life…

Also giving people a chance to live a meaning full life to is your obligation if you have the opportunity pay it forward and give back!

That’s why we created Team Rhino to ‘Inspire Healthier Living’ World over and as a result of it success are able to fund amazing projects like the Team Rhino Soccer Academy in West Africa.

So here’s my offer to you..,,

Would you like to be able to offer your clients/patients FREE advice on Nutrition and supplementation but not qualified or confident to do so? If not a therapist would you like a change in direction.

Would you love to help us give back?

LIKE this page to find out more 👍

Take care

Rob Molyneux BSc

Nothing to lose – Everything to gain – Loads to give back!

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