Don’t let and ego get in your way. It almost cost me an amazing life!

How I leveraged my client base to pay all my overheads leaving my client fees as profit. My clients are so great full

Rob Molyneux BSc

9 years ago after a bit of kicking and screaming I finaly said Yes

One of my clients from massage a pain clinic keep going on and on about this product that he confessed would do this and do that….

For a year I resisted. Part of me was saying he can’t be right he’s a builder. Part of me was saying if that was any good I would have heard of it!

Having an ego can cost you a great deal of money!

Finally I put me ego to bed and went along to a seminar in Manchester. I was embarrassed. What my client had been saying was right. In fact more than right

Get paid for the rest of your clients life

On the way home I had signed two of my clients up on to the product that in short Attacks illness and disease at a cell level, is proven and cost less than a coffee per day.

Changing lives

It sounds cheesy but I really do feel like I am changing lives. From the customers who love our product, to the franchise partners who are able to live a better quality of life and to the guys in Africa. As CEO Of Team Rhino Africa I am able to give back like never before.


I’m not saying our product or business is for you.

‘But just imagine it was but you never looked’

If it’s your ego getting in the way because it could cost you dearly.

Rob Molyneux

Team Rhino

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