Is having no purpose in your work life waisting your life?

By Rob Molyneux

The worlds worst blogger but having a go anyway!

Many years ago I remember getting a jon working 9 to 5 which is cool. However I seemed to have no purpose set out. I was filing documents away. The next level was filling the forms in that I was to file away. The next level was supervising the people who were filling the forms in!

I didn’t last long and left the office for the last time with a round of ‘supportive’ applause.


It would seem that I was living their dream of taking a leap of faith. I was lucky. I was young I had limited responsibility. I also had a burning desire to life a good life. One were I woke up and jumped out of bed with a purpose that I was making a difference.

Why not you?

I believe I have helped create your perfect exit strategy. Why not Team Rhino and live a meaningful life each and every day.

Team Rhino is about caring and sharing – ‘give us the boot’ for Africa and we’ll give you the opportunity of improved health and wealth.

The business is-

  • Risk free – no investment
  • Time free – you work this business in the nooks and crannies of the day

Even better….

  • You will make lots of new friends
  • You put smiles on people world over

In short..

‘Live a meaningful life’

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Why not take that leap of faith now’

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