New student extemporizing policies at Avalon University School of Medicine

A medical graduate should be able to strive at any extreme circumstances and have basic skills developed to face any extempore situations. At Avalon, two new policies are going to be introduced through May and August of this year. These policies include the 90% attendance and mandatory research proficiency policy. Until recently, Avalon followed a successful 80% mandatory attendance for lectures and other academic policies. Now as a part of continuous push to excellence, Avalon’s board has decided to increase the minimum mandatory attendance to 90%. This was announced in the previous student body meeting and students agreed with the policy changes.

Mandatory research proficiency policy includes the need for all the Avalon students to take part in research as a minimum requirement for graduation. It provides an opportunity for future medical doctors to receive recognition of research achievement within an approved academic program. Avalon University will require research participation in order to graduate, which will be effective May 2016. This can be anywhere from a paper presentation in conferences or published article in reputed journals and can be done either during basic sciences or clinical sciences. Student (or a maximum of 5 students in a group) have to submit their work to the research committee for the approval. This is to demonstrate student proficiency in medical research. Student can present in the domains of either experimental research or observational or epidemiological or clinical study. Before graduating the student must get a satisfactory grade from Avalon’s research committee.