6 Foolproof Ways to Deal with Trolls on Medium

  1. Don’t reply to them.
  2. Don’t say the obvious clever comeback to their stupid flame-bait.
  3. Don’t think it’s worth responding just for the sake of the other, non-troll readers.
  4. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that you can defuse them with the power of facts, figures, quotes and direct experience.
  5. Don’t let a misguided belief in the inherent goodness of people lead you to imagine that you might be able to bring the conversation back to a fair and honest exposé of valid points, and that they will respond in kind to your generous, vulnerable, responsible attempt at finding common ground, eventually conceding some points, winning some others, until you finally reach the ideal place where each has developed, through vigorous yet cordial debate, a more nuanced and appropriate perspective, thereby becoming better persons, through the experience of challenging one’s own viewpoints, and through that of respecting the inherent worth of the other, and of the other’s quest for ever-elusive, yet vital, truth.
  6. Click on the little arrow next to the Follow button in their profile, and select “Block this user”.

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