Antoine, as I first said over ten years ago and have repeated often, I’ll never be smart enough to…
Alan Morrison

Alan, you are too kind as always. It’s so good to hear that from you!

I have to tell you, now that I’m back in Europe, I often find myself in the position of “the American”, embodying a spirit of pugnacious, positive, go-getter optimism.

Whenever I have to take on that role, I think about your adventurous fighter-pilot, million-dollar smile attitude, and that’s what I try to emulate. You’ve been a big influence on me in the part that matters most: Remembering to have fun being smart, to laugh as loud as I want, and to love life in a big way.

I’d love to read an article from you on just that: the mindset that lets you smile the way you do. Would you please write it?

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