Tesla’s New Car Smell
Jean-Louis Gassée

Tesla’s goal is not to be a competitive car company. Musk’s goal for Tesla is clearly stated: To accelerate the transition to renewable energy.

For that goal to work, Tesla has merely to force other manufacturers to switch to electric cars, sooner than they would have on their own. It forces them to do so by showing that lots of investor money flows to that promise. In that sense, Mary and Carlos are doing Elon’s bidding, since most major car companies are hurriedly converting to electric. Tesla itself doesn’t need to win significant market share, as long as the electric car does.

If you’re a shareholder, and you don’t understand that this is the strategy, that’s okay. The planet thanks you for letting your narrow-minded greed fool you into helping your fellow man. And if you understand this strategy, invest anyway. It’s the most delightful no-hidden-tricks con anybody’s ever pulled for the good of humanity, it’s fun to watch it unfold, and a rare example of truly effective philanthropy.

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