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Yes, Tristan, thank you! What you’re saying is a thoughtfully concise manifesto for UXD. Except that we should never say “there will always be a barrier.”

The goal is not to try to eliminate the barrier, or to pretend to eliminate the barrier, or to go as far as possible in eliminating the barrier. The goal is to eliminate it.

Whenever we fall short of that goal, and as long as we do, it should feel like failure, and it should hurt.

Design is, most of the time, failing at eliminating the need for design. But if we get complacent for one minute, and start feeling proud of our compromises, then we risk becoming part of the problem, of adding to the barrier we’re supposed to tear down.

This is why, to truly care about our users, we have to distrust ourselves as designers. No matter how clever our solutions might be, the user would rather we just remove the problem.

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