Jessica Galliart talks Journalism; Gives Important Advice

My initial thoughts on Jessica Galliart were pretty simplistic. I imagined her being someone who wrote here and there for a couple publications and that concluded my thoughts about her career for the most part. I imagined she went out to report but, after she talked to the class and mentioned that she is not in favor of the reporting aspect of journalism, I realized she was on another path. She worked for numerous publications, one being Playboy, and as a Columbia College alumni, she began doing internships during the very first year of college. I wasn’t expecting half the things she talked about to be a part of her job now. She mentioned working on a documentary, which I did watch the trailer to, and it’s an interesting form of journalism. She also gets to write for the website too with intentions to make Touchvision Tv’s website more visible to readers and to make a name for themselves as news publishers. Journalism can definitely spread out into various categories.

This is Part 1 of the documentary titled My Quarter-Life Cancer, writing by Jessica Galliart:

Jessica talked about having one internship every year on top of having a job. That’s a lot to have on your plate. I know from experience that just having a job can leave you with a small amount of time to complete everything you have to do in school, or an even smaller amount of time to keep consistent with what you want to do on time your time off. I was inspired. This path she created for herself was not something anyone can work through easily. She worked hard for the job she has now at TouchVision Tv. She’s good at her job looking at her work on My Quarter-Life Cancer.

What was cooler was when we asked Jessica about her LinkedIn profile where she mentions working as a Special Editions Copywriter for Playboy.

Jessica talked to our class about getting the opportunity to interview Hugh Hefner and how she would have to get copyright approvals for essays written by well-known author Stephen King.

I really got a learning experience out of her visit when she talked more in depth about what her internships were like, the things she was required to do, and how she completed them. I liked that she mentioned the one internship with Betsy Edgerton’s husband, the author, because she told us about how she had to actually fact check every little detail and it made me realize the reality of it. It’s so time consuming, but I realize that teaches patience and concentration in journalism, just to name some skills off the top of my head.

I know when someone asked the question about what she liked to do in her spare time and she replied “Well I like to nap, I like to drink, …I like my dog…” The very last Instagram post did actually include one of her dog.

I thought that was funny because she lightened the mood and helped us not to forget that she’s just a normal person too. I know one article she wrote for the RedEye was interesting as it mentions some of her “screw-ups” that ended up not being so bad at all. I guess what I got from it was that it’s unhealthy for a journalist to be too hard on themselves.

One specific piece of advice that was also really helpful was the advice she gave the class about what is expected when being interviewed. I learned it’s important to know the company you’re applying for very well and to ask questions. Her explanation about a good cover letter was also very helpful. “I don’t want to know about what you wanted to do when you were a child. I don’t care,” she also said, “don’t repeat what’s already in your resume,” just to name a couple of things. After hearing her story I do wish to continue a career in journalism of some sort. After hearing from Jessica, I know now that it’s crucial to really continue strong and work harder than usual.