The Kids are Socialists Because Capitalism is Dickslapping the Planet
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

This article is brilliantly summed up by this metaphor:

This is like burning your hands on a hot stove and thinking the problem is anything but fire.

In the metaphor our current system is the hot stove and capitalism is “fire”. The author has placed her hand on a hot stove. Why? Who knows? Maybe she is a complete idiot. Maybe the stove is broken and is hot even when it is turned off. In any case she has been burned by the hot stove either because it is malfunctioning or because of her carelessness. I am sure she was “burned” by the current system. Once again we don’t know why.

Her reaction is to blame “fire”. And the metaphor actually hold pretty well. Our current system of economics is a very sophisticated, possibly broken means of controlling and using the very basic concept of capitalism (free and mutual exchange of goods and services) just like a stove is a very sophisticated (and liable to break) means of controlling fire.

Our writer is blaming “fire” for her being burned by the stove. And, I would guess, she is blaming “capitalism” for her being burned by our current system. Her solution is to demonize capitalism with the unwritten suggestion that it should be thrown out.

But if you continue the metaphor this would be like demonizing “fire”. After all, fire wants to burn you. It wants to burn down the forest and kill all the animals. It wants to reduce your food to ashes and make your pots and pans to hot to handle. Fire is evil. So we need to be rid of fire. Fire is causing all of our pain and suffering. Fire is destroying the planet.

Alternately fire is just a tool. It can be used well or it can be used poorly. It can cook our food, keep us warm and even sterilize our instruments. It can also be used badly as a weapon and it can destroy what we have created. The stove is not fire and fire is not the stove. Don’t confuse the two.

TL:DR Don’t throw the concept of fire out because you burned yourself on the stove.