So far my classes for school have been pretty hard but definitely doable. Since I am undecided about what I want to major in, my advisor gave me a bunch of random courses that fulfill some of my CLA requirements and let me choose which ones sounded most interesting to me. For my foreign language I took Spanish in high school but I totally hated it so I decided not to continue in that. I chose to take Italian because it is a lot like Spanish so I figured that it would be a little easier. I also am part Italian and would love to visit Italy some day. So far my Italian class is a lot harder than I though it would be. Every chapter test that I take I just keep doing worse on. Language is a hard thing to study for but luckily I have been doing really well on my homework so my grade isn’t that bad.

I was also required to take some sort of science class so I chose, Anthropology: Human Evolution. I find this class and subject to be very interesting and I love learning the material. Even though I love the class a lot I still failed the first mid-term. I wasn’t very upset about it though because it was my first real college test and I didn’t expect to do amazingly anyways. I know now what the tests are like and that I definitely need to study a lot more for the next mid-term coming up in a few weeks. I already am understanding the labs and the text much better than before so I am confident that I will do a lot better than last time.

In high school I took art classes all four years and was in an advanced placement class for my senior year. I love art and the way that it calms me down and lets me think when I am doing it so I decided to take a drawing class this semester. I later came to realize that I should have taken a more advanced class because we are just going over the basics and it isn’t very challenging. It doesn’t matter though because I really enjoy my professor and I have a had a good time in the class.

Even though some of my classes are pretty hard and I have done poorly on tests, I am surviving college so far and learning from my mistakes. I can’t wait to see where the rest of the year takes me.

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