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One Man’s Search for the Perfect Job

Turning hard-learned lessons into a laser-focused job search.

As we wrapped up Sunday night dinner at my apartment, my neighbor remembered, “hey, it’s Pi Day tomorrow, we should head down to Pi Bar for a few slices to celebrate.” Pi Bar, which by the way opens at 3:14pm, does great New York style pizza. They’ve also got an amazing beer selection. “I’d love to go, but…” I trailed off despondently, “I have to work.”

Chris Sharma’s cover shot for King Lines
“It’s a shortcut, you see, D-A-N-G-E-R, shortcut!” — Bing Bong in Inside Out

“Odds are far better than good that high performers are achieving what appears to be high levels of productivity by building technical debt by taking shortcuts whether intentionally or unintentionally.” — Bill Jordan

The perfect job should pay you fairly.

Ice Cream Bar in Cole Valley, San Francisco
The Cheshire Cat

Full-stack engineer with an eye for product design.

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