Let’s change how we recruit

Economist Albert Hirschman suggests there are four different options to handle a dissatisfying situation. Whether you are unhappy with your job, your marriage, or your government, decades of research show that you have a choice between — exit, voice, persist or neglect.

  • Exit means removing yourself from the situation altogether: quitting a miserable job, ending an abusive marriage, or leaving an oppressive country.
  • Voice involves actively trying to improve the situation: approaching your boss with ideas for enriching your job, encouraging your spouse to seek counselling, becoming a political activist to elect a less corrupt government.
  • Persistence is gritting your teeth and bearing it:working hard even though your job is stifling, sticking by your spouse, or supporting your government even though you disagree with it.
  • Neglect entails staying in the current situation but reducing your effort: doing just enough at work not to get fired, choosing new hobbies that keep you away from your spouse, or refusing to vote.
Voice and persist to benefit the ecosystem

Fundamentally, these choices are based on feelings of control and commitment. Add to it competence. Do you believe you can effect change, do you care enough to try and are you competent enough?

Only when you believe your actions matter and care deeply will you consider speaking up.

We at RoadToNaukri have chosen to voice and persist until problem in entry level recruitment is successfully solved. And we believe in the cause. It should change and should change for good.

Not that the entry level recruitment was pathetically in bad shape but the time now demanded much more. Highest order or predictability, both in terms of quality, quantity and efficiency is expected. And why not — it should rightly be. That is where the expectations are heading and recruitment has remained disassociated with what modern technology has to offer.

Today digital is not disruption. It is the norm. Our mindset must shift towards this norm.

We are on it. Bringing the benefits of cutting edge technology to significantly improve state of affairs in recruitment. Points of improvement includes — objective skill quantification, standardized job descriptions, match-making, automated scheduling and rescheduling of interviews, data driven behavioural analysis (think why more than 50% of job aspirants don’t attend the interviews they had confirmed they would attend on evening before).

Glad that the effort has started showing results. Counselling and preparation of job aspirants proactively for identified gaps (as opposed to beating around in bush) has made attends and selections more certain. Days of hiring managers are becoming better — they are interviewing far less and recruiting more. Nights are getting better as they are certain that the numbers of candidates committed for next day will turn up.

Yet all experience is an arch wherethrough gleams that untravelled world.

Still, little is done. And more work of noble note is yet to be done. I invite all hiring managers, talent acquisition leaders to join the caravan and be a part of change that we are trying to bring here. More than 50 employers are on board. It is exciting, it is worth it.

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Inspired by the thoughts of Adam Grant in The Originals.