Riot JS — A Quick Introductory Video


I love to teach, but don’t get the opportunity quite as often as I used to, so I decided that creating screencasts would be a great outlet for my need to teach. I wanted my initial video to be something that would be useful to people, but would also allow me to focus on the process of recording and editing the video. After some false starts with topics that either didn’t keep my interest or had me putting too much detail into a single video, I stumbled upon RiotJS. Riot is a React-like javascript library with a small footprint and minimal API. This introductory video covers just the basics (I will be adding more). Enjoy and I’d love to hear your feedback!

The files created in the video are available on GitHub:

The Full Post…

I love teaching and used to be a technical trainer for a living. Since leaving training for a series of “real” jobs as a developer, my opportunities to teach in a formal manner have been few and far between. Recently, I decided I was going to try my hand at creating screencasts as a way to help others learn and as an outlet for my desire to teach.

I wanted something that I could keep brief (at 20 minutes, I need to work a little harder on the brevity) and get out relatively quickly. I wanted to create something useful that would allow me to focus more on the process of creating the video than on the topic itself. I also wanted it to be something new enough to me that I could prevent the curse of knowledge from getting in the way. After I struggled and bounced from one topic to another and decided to give myself some criteria:

  1. Something that hasn’t been “hello worlded” to death. (Disclaimer: I used zero creativity on this one and fell back on a hello world example… sorry!)
  2. Something that I could keep short.
  3. Something I would stay interested in through the whole process.
  4. Something simple enough for me to focus on the planning, recording, editing and publishing.

When I first learned about RiotJS a little over a week ago, I decided it was the perfect mix of new and familiar, interesting yet relatively simple. When I searched for it on YouTube, I didn’t come across much of anything, so I felt like I stood a chance of providing something of value. The library itself is pretty succinct, so even though I could have gone way deeper into it, it lent itself to a simple introduction.

The introduction doesn’t cover building anything overly useful on its own, but it does hit a couple of key topics that you need to know in order to use Riot. I do plan to create some more interesting videos that build on the basics covered in this one, so stay tuned for those.

I hope this helps somebody, and if you have any feedback that will help me produce higher quality content in the future, please let me know.


I have published the second video “RiotJS — Loops, Events and Callbacks” on my YouTube channel:

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