RiotJS and Redux Video Series — Part I

TL;DR —I posted a new video. It is the first in a series that covers using RiotJS and Redux together. You can see it here.

Since finding time to create videos has been a struggle, and I only see that problem getting worse. I decided to make some changes to my process for creating these videos. A big part of this change was to focus on creating shorter, more focused videos. I think my previous videos were pretty focused, yet they ended up being closer to 20 minutes, which for me meant longer sessions of trying to record and editing would be a much bigger chore. With shorter videos, I do the same amount of work, maybe even a little bit more, but I can work on it in shorter spurts, which is making a big difference for me.

This means that a simple introduction to using Redux with RiotJS is going to mean watching 6 separate videos. I hope a a positive side-effect of this is that people with limited time can watch these videos in the short breaks they can find in their days and that in the end, it means more videos are produced and they benefit more people who are trying to learn.

My previous video covers the setup of RiotJS with Webpack and is the jumping off point for this series, so if you haven’t seen it, start here (RiotJS and Webpack), then check out the first video in the series here (RiotJS and Redux, part I). Subscribe on YouTube or follow me on Medium and/or Twitter to find out when additional videos in the series are published (most are already recorded and being edited, so it won’t be a long wait).