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As you might have heard, Sulu (Enzyme’s next release) is expected to be released in Q4, and one of the objectives for this release is to implement a first version of MIP7 (Melon Improvement Proposal 7).

MIP7, published by Tom Shaugnessy, Ceteris Paribus and Chris Manessis proposed a major shift…


  • Enzyme + Unslashed are teaming up to build superior insurance infrastructure.
  • Enzyme will provide the asset management infrastructure enabling Unslashed to leverage the security, maintenance and development work around the Enzyme ecosystem.
  • Unslashed will be able to focus on creating diversified Buckets of insurance with different risk profiles as a…

Enzyme News — April 1st, 2021

DeFi investment fund DeFiance Capital have taken a long term position in the MLN token and will remain committed supporters in Enzyme’s vision to revolutionalize the asset management industry.


Today, we’re pleased to announce that Enzyme is able to support depositing on AAVE. This gives Portfolio Managers within the Enzyme ecosystem some nice new yields to monetize!

What is AAVE

Aave is an open source and non-custodial liquidity protocol for earning interest on deposits and borrowing assets. …

Today, we’re pleased to announce that users can access stETH by Stakehound. stETH is currently yielding 9% more than ETH and provides Vault Managers and Savers with an alternative to accessing those staking rewards without having to lock up capital indefinitely.

How do I stake my ETH?

You can stake ETH by going to the new…

As part of our v2 launch, we’re delighted to be teaming up with the Hashmasks to provide one talented Vault Manager on Enzyme with a special Hashmask this March. Enzyme enables anyone to build, monetise and scale Vault strategies in crypto. Some of the features available today include:

  • 100+ Asset…

Today, we’re pleased to announce that lending ETH on Alpha Homoro (v1) is now available on Enzyme! Lending ETH and earning no yield on this. ETH lending rates on Alpha have reached a staggering 45% this week. …

Avantgarde Finance 🦏

Our vision is to create better everyday experiences for asset managers & their investors by giving them easy access to Melon & other decentralised technologies

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