What programming language should you learn first?
Quincy Larson

I am no programmer and never want to be. I know little and I think it is too much. But this article is absolutely Hilarious, and I do not mind or understand enough or, do not see the need for looking for errors! It’s great piece of humor and of information and obviously some people don't get it! If someone had started me on computer programming with this kind of overview, instead of shoving FORTRAN (history…)and Pascal through my throat, I might have learned more! Good for you Quincy! Humor will save the world. I’d like to believe that English (or any existing language for direct, live, human to human interaction will still exist at least before I die. I do not want to speak COBOL, JAVA, C+, C+++++any other stuff like it, otherwise the world will start to split up in “computer language” communities to replace nation-states, instead of evolving towards a global community. It will be uglier than nations splitting, trust me as people might not want to move in the COBOL country…but it might be good for the “business”….why do we forget any “business” needs to serve humans and any other form of life, not the other way around!