It’s Time for Bernie Sanders to Apologize to his Supporters, and to President Obama
Sasha Stone

It’s because of people like you and attitudes like this we have Trump. For someone so intelligent you’re being extremely stupid.

It was Hillary’s fault she lost. Her questionable character, poor judgment and controveries (wikileaks, dnc, collusion with media) not Bernie.

The fact you speak as if she was owed the nomination is telling and your selective amnesia overlooks Hillary’s running in 2008 against Obama all the way to the end.

Hillary created the scenarios and facts that sunk her. She helped create Trump as their strategy coordinated with the media was to get who they thought the weakest candidate the most face time. She created her own frankenstein and cheated to win the primary.

How bad and weak of a candidate do you have to be to lose against a bigot?

She was a DINO with no core or moral compass engaging in creating conflicts and conflicts of interest for money.

Her downfall wasn’t misogny so stop trying to blame her failure on her gender. Her downfall was she was shittier candidate than the other guy and her only selling point was “I’m not trump.”