It’s Time for Bernie Sanders to Apologize to his Supporters, and to President Obama
Sasha Stone

You should apologize for wasting my time with this hack factless delusional drivel. Your “end of the world Hitler is now taking over and we’re going to have gulags chicken little the sky is falling” nonsense shrilling is tiring.

Hillary was not owed that nomination or presidency she had to work for it and she didn’t. From her privileged position she broke laws and rules and thought she was above campaigning to her base and tried to goto the right to court republicans. She gave no open press interviews, didn’t talk about the issues nor address wikileaks, clinton foundation conflicts or interest or fess up to lying an entire year about the email server. She gave half ass responses if anything. Now what’s she been doing? Hiding like a spoiled child while Bernie is fighting NODAPL and going around still getting stuff done.

You sound like a spoiled child whining. It’s called democracy and our side didn’t win because the DNC decided to bind, gag and toss the democratic process over the bridge and select a shit candidate that was either embroiled in scandal or her hubby or foundation due to her pay to play tactics while she served as SOS. But you can’t see that. You’re going to cry sexism or misogyny because it’s easier to abdicate yourself to that and distract yourself without looking at the facts which were despite her power, privilege, access and recognition she still lost because her character was lacking and people saw thru the facade. She didn’t evolve since 2008 she got WORSE! And for you to throw everyone who voted for someone that wasn’t your candidate in the same bucket is just as ignorant as white people throwing all people of color in the same bucket, conservatives throwing all muslims in the same bucket etc;

I voted Jill Stein because Hillary’s judgment; competence, foreign policy and positions on TPP, Fracking and the like were deal breakers for me. She and Trump were shit candidates and I’d rather get Jill to 5 percent and work on the next two years for mid elections and limit trump to 4 years then get hillary and her terrible track record for 8. Many people voted for trump because they were sick of the lies and the establishment that was screwing them and at least trump was being an authentic ass instead of an inauthentic bullshit artist.

Of course with your narrowminded blinders on you’re going to rant and blind yourslef with the label of democrat vs republican and patriarchy sexism instead of exercising any compassion or trying to understand the other americans and what went wrong to create this. You’re tone deaf and that makes you just as responsible for the creation of this monster. With smugness and disdain you ignored the other half of america by trying to show how righteous in your anger and being a social justice warrior and labeling shit without even trying to talk to those people first. You wrote them off and it bit everyone in the ass.

You look for affirmation instead of doing confirmation of what you want your feels to believe to be facts.

So have your pity part. Trump and the republicans followed the rules and political process. Not even the democrats can say that and that’s some humbling shit. But with the appointment of Schumer as head the dnc STILL doesn’t get it.

Bernie called it rightand everyone should be apologizing to him .

the media for being hacks blacking out bernie and writing hit pieces on behalf of hillary and her attack dogs

the DNC for their collusion with media, lack of neutrality by putting the finger on the scale

Obama for not looking into the voter irregularities during the primaries

Hillary for profiting from using her cronies to engage in voter fraud, suppression and disenfranchisement to cheat and steal what wasn’t her’s.

You got it backwards. Everyone should be apologizing to Bernie