The Road to OC 2018 : Reflections, and Possibilities
Pratik Gauri

Thank you for sharing your journey Pratik. Opportunity Collaboration has been one of the most important communities of practice for me over the last four years. I’m so honored to be celebrating their 10th anniversary this fall in Mexico.

One of the most interesting design choices is that OC is family friendly. Years ago it was a treat to have my fiancee and then husband join for the week (Topher and other alumnae convinced me to go one week before I was going to get married). Now that I’m a mother our whole family attended the inaugural OC USA in May and are all looking forward to being in Cancun in October.

Having your partner, friend, child(ren) join OC is a remarkable experience. It’s a relief to not have to separate your passion with work from your family. And OC offers an incredible curriculum for older children — I wish I had had the opportunity to learn about Social Enterprise when I was 10, it would have changed the entire course of my life.

Right now my little girl is only a year old, and I am so excited to see how she grows in this community over the years. I know OC will be a source of friendship, mentorship, and lifelong connections.