Why Bad Weather Causes Breakage in Cellular Signal?

Have you ever been stuck somewhere in a bad weather? The bad clouds, rains and on top of that the Cellular Signal goes bad. Now, that’s something to worry about as informing about your location is quite important for your safety. The best way to avoid the call drops when you need them the most is the 2G 3G GSM CDMA Mobile Signal Network Boosters; but we will come to that later in this blog.

Before that, let me ask you a question. Ever wondered what makes the cellular signal break in a bad weather?

Here is the answer. The cellular network signal consists of the radio waves that are being received from a mobile tower to your phone. So when the weather goes bad than these conditions hamper the connection between a mobile tower and the phone. Let’s see why:

● In case of heavy rain, the radio waves react with water and as water conduct electricity; it hampers the waves by absorbing the energy of radio waves and converting them into heat. So it blocks the mobile signal. Heavier the rainfall, more scattered and weaker the signal will be.

● In hilly terrains, very heavy snowfall can block and weaken the signal.

● Lightning can damage the radio transmitter and antennas. It can cause signal interference as well.

● Heavy winds, humidity can damage the towers and can interfere with the signal the same way.

So all these bad weather conditions cause a call propagation delay effect, that means, the signal refracts in an undesired direction, then takes a detour and grabs the other direction, leading to the delay in voice transmission or call drop.

Now, let us explore Mobile Phone Signal Network Boosters and how it can help strengthen the signal despite bad weather. These devices receive a weak signal, amplify it many times and rebroadcast it into the required area from where the Cell Phone picks it up. So it is like having your own tower.

The Advantages of These Boosters are:

● They can be installed in an office as well as home

● They work with any phone and almost all mobile network service providers, be it 2G or 3G.

● Better signal leads to better internet connection

● Your phone will have a better battery life

So, the boosters can provide you the stunning call quality even in the stormy weather. Whether you are travelling in a car or sitting at your office, these boosters can be installed anywhere and you can talk hassle-free always.

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