Do you think that taking a gap year is a great idea?

After high school, students typically have to choose between university and job. However, nowadays, they do have a third option of taking a gap year. A gap year is basically a timeout that students opt for before they start college or join work.

Gap years are quite common and are highly advisable in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

A gap year helps the students in brainstorming new ideas and preparing themselves for their future. Although, taking a gap year requires a lot of research and consideration of other several factors.

Here’s a look at some of the benefits and disadvantages of taking a gap year between your high school and college.

Why You Should Take Your Gap Year?

If you have planned to take a gap year, then here’s how you can make the most of it.

1. Better Performance In College

There were times when gap years were looked down by professors and admission officials during admissions. Nowadays, teachers appreciate student’s taking gap years because the reports suggest higher student GPAs and better participation. Gap years help students to have a positive attitude towards college.

2. Explore Your Interests

When you start studying, students often make the mistake of committing themselves to just studying without realizing their other interests. There are times when students even change their majors in college because of lack of interest. Taking a gap year helps them to evaluate their interests, hence saving on their tuition bills and efforts. If students take some time before starting college, they’ll be able to enjoy their academic experience.

3. Enjoy All The Adventures That Come Your Way

You will be 18 just once, make the most of it. You have no job, no loans to pay, no kids, no family to take care of, no homework, so why not enjoy this time? The time before you become an adult, you should experience as much as you can. Don’t miss out your chances to learn as much as you can. Ditch the monotony of what teach other college students might be delving into and explore the world to see things from a new perspective. Learn a new language or take up a hobby, learn and grow during your gap year for an overall personal development.

There is lot more to do during your Gap Year. Here’s, You can explore all 12 answers Why You Should Take Your Gap Year?

Pros Of Taking A Gap Year

Check out this list of benefits that a gap year can offer you.

1. You Gain First-Hand Experience

The experience you gain in your gap year helps you become better prepared for college, both academically and socially.

2. Longest Vacation Ever

Once in college, you cannot expect to take long vacations. Your gap year will be your longest vacation before you kick-start your career. Taking long breaks after joining university will be a far cry. Something more you can enjoy about a Gap Year, more Pros Of Taking A Gap Year.

Cons Of Taking A Gap Year

While it may have its share of benefits, a gap year might also cause some troubles in your future plans. Have a look at few of them.

1. You Need Money For Travelling

If you thought that traveling is all you will do in your gap year, then kindly rethink. Traveling needs money, a lot of money. Money for transportation, for hotel, accommodation, food and entertainment. Rethink your expenses before you plan a gap year.

2. You Might Forget What You Learned

Taking a year’s gap will surely make you forget things that you learned, especially if you do not have a sharp memory. Resuming college after forgetting your course details will give you a tough time in classes. Some cons will lead you to think for this question, Do you think that taking a gap year is a great idea?

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