Does the Number of Friends you have really Counts?

No one tells you how much change you will go through in your early childhood and adulthood days. You will gradually feel the pressure of being an ideal person. You have to achieve hundreds of things in order to become a successful person in your life. We all head towards conquering everything we desire. Initially, in early childhood and adulthood age, we focus on making friends and having as many friends as we can. However, as the time passes and we grow as a mature human being, and we realize that the friends on whom you can count on are the most important ones in life.

The saying that ‘change is the only constant’ seems cliché but extremely apt when we talk about growing up. When it comes to making friends and reminding friends, that just happens on social media and networks nowadays, you will not even realize how many you have lost in the process of growing older. Nevertheless, letting go is the part of life as we grow up. But do we really need to spend all our time in tending the friendship of so many people like hungry houseplants? We don’t, right! We should invest our time and efforts in generating and preserving the friendship which matters to us, indeed. Somehow your life will get right and fill your surrounding with the people you deserve at the end. So it is better to have a circle in which you fit perfectly, instead of trying to fit into.

So let us see how having a few and close friendship is the way to a meaningful friendship:

  1. You Always Have The People To Count On

2. You Know Your Priority Among them

Let us see more on how having a few and close friendship is the way to a meaningful friendship: