Should you take the blame for things that are not your fault?

There are many situations in life when we don’t get our due. People are often judged, punished and blamed for no fault of theirs. Blames, arguments, debates are a part and parcel of our lives. No one can escape them. Nor can we turn a blind eye to the series of actions and emotions before us. We have to encounter a number of things and have to accept, this is how things in life roll.

At times, when you are blamed for your fault, you go mad and sometimes you do not feel like talking to anyone. This is normal, everyone gets het-up and go ballistic. But what if you are blamed for anything without any rhyme and reason? We should not take the blame, instead of being passive sufferers we must bring in alertness and active approach. Taking blame without your mistake is stupidity. Sometimes, it can be acceptable, and it is necessary too. While you are taking blames and allowing yourself to go through this ordeal every time, you are giving others the opportunity to rest the entire blame on you. So beware, and think! Do not accept things as they are; one has to change the course of things in order to be noticed and acknowledged.

How Not To Take Blame When It’s Not Your Fault?

If you always have fallen prey to others mischief or misdeeds or baseless allegations, you must have felt extremely bad for having grown through the phase of utter disgust which happened to be a convulsion of emotions. Chances are you might have been mortified. Here are some of the points which tell you how not to take the blame for no mistake of your own:

1. Express Your Emotions Clearly

Do not bottle up your emotions, just discharge them according to circumstances and situations. If you fail to exhibit your true feelings, people will take you for granted and will pick up a habit of blaming you for every possible thing. This happens when people demean and belittle you and treat you in a condescending manner.

Stay away from people who want to put a check on your words and emotions. Your feelings should be direct and expressive. Do not beat about the bush and wear your heart on your sleeves. If your feelings are under the carpet, your good deeds will naturally slide under the carpet and will remain under wraps for keeps. It is better to let out all the tides and waves of thoughts so that people can take you seriously.

2. Figure Out Why People Blame You

Sometimes your attitude is the reason why people blame you habitually. Just get to know the ins and outs of everything and get to the bottom of things why people behave in such a manner and have this attitude towards. People at times get out of hand, and it is at that point that they need to be pointed out. You can either talk to them directly or ask others about their weird behavior and what prods them to target you every time.

3. Be Assertive

Be emphatic in whatever you say and whatever you do. Be confident and do not let yourself be oppressed or suppressed in any way. Also, stick to your opinions and do not let others deter you. Once you are adamant on something, people will realize your importance. They will value you and would not be able to blame you in future.

For instance, if you are repeatedly targeted for no fault, give the person to his or her face and tell them assertively not to repeat it again in future as you are not at all at fault. Tell them flatly and in a bit of harsh tone so that that they do not take you lightly. This is not the end yet. Keep exploring for How Not to Take Blame when it’s Not your Fault?

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