Wait or Not to Wait: When to Go on the Honeymoon?

A honeymoon is that special holiday that every couple wants to take to kick-start their married life. Marriage is a whole new chapter in the life of a person, and it surely deserves a start with a bang. The reason honeymoon is the thing people look forward to is because it makes sure you have a few days right after you are married to spend some quality time with the love of your life. No one will want to go back to the mundane life routine the next day after they get married; no one will want to begin this beautiful journey without making it special.

At the same time, we need to keep in mind the fact that not all marriages are the same, not all weddings follow the same ritual and most essentially not all individuals have the same life circumstances. Thus, it is not always possible and also a good idea to go on a honeymoon immediately, and in many cases, there can be no better thing than going on a honeymoon right after the wedding takes place.

Here lies the reason why you should and should not go for the honeymoon right after the wedding. Keeping in mind the fact that both the kinds of weddings have different circumstances involved in them, the reasons are differently stated for arrange marriage and a love marriage.

Why You Should Go For The Honeymoon Right After The Wedding (Love Marriage)

1. If you have had a wedding with the love of your life, the best time to go for a honeymoon is right after the wedding takes place. A gap in between will mean you are doing the ordinary things that are anyway going to be a part of your daily married life; you will surely not wish to kick-start this new chapter in your life like that.

2. Taking a gap in between will mean you are going to get rid of the awesome wedding high and will no longer be in the same mood to go on your honeymoon. The days in between will need you to attend to all the other mundane aspects of your life, and you surely do not wish to go on a honeymoon with all of those worries on your mind?

3. Going on the honeymoon after a few days will make it feel like a normal holiday, which you are anyway going to take for all the rest of your married years. You will surely want to have something more special and exotic when it comes to your honeymoon.

Why You Should Not Go For The Honeymoon Right After The Wedding (Love Marriage)

1. It gives you the time to wait for the holiday season when you will be able to go to your dream destination. We all have a place we would love to visit with the love of our life. But, that may not be attainable for all of us. If we plan well and are willing to wait till the holiday season, we may get lucky enough to be able to honeymoon at our dream destination with the love of our life. And if you are marrying your long-term girlfriend/boyfriend, you are anyway with the person you love the most.

2. The best benefit of taking a few days off after the wedding is you get to rest after all the madness of the wedding. Every wedding involves a lot of late night celebrations, long hours of interaction with the guests, and absolutely no sleep. This is why we tend to be super tired after the wedding. If there are a few days to recover from all the stress, we will be left feeling fresh during our honeymoon.

3. A wedding needs a lot of investment; we do not wish to compromise on any aspect of the most crucial day of our life. For many people a wedding is the dream they are living as a reality, for yet others, it is the best thing that they have been able to find someone they strike a chord with. No one will want to keep the celebration of such things low-key. After all these expenses, it will surely get difficult for many people to fund their honeymoon to a super luxurious place.

In such cases, taking some time off will be a good time to recover from the expenditure you made for your wedding and to save for all the awesome yet crazy things you plan to do for your honeymoon.

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