What is the Best Advice to give to a Teenager?

Being a teenager is really tough and there is not one person who has not had a hard time struggling with this age. It’s that time of life when we are confused on what to do with life. We obviously look up to our elders to guide us and give us advice about life. Though most of the advice that is given is either pointless, not given from the perspective of the teen or is too vague to make a difference really.

In such a scenario do you wonder if you have to give advice to a teenager then what will you be telling them? The best advice to give to a teenager could be anything that boosts his or her self-confidence, builds up their self-esteem and gives them clarity on what they wish to do with life. Teenage is a stage in life when a person is confused and all the raging hormones inside make them all the more averse to listening to anyone. This is that stage of life when a person starts to get chiseled to take a final shape. It is the time when they require the best advice about life and other things.

Best Advice I Ever Got

As a teen what you are constantly bombarded with is advice! People will seek you out to tell you what lessons they have learned from life, the hardships they went through and how they got their life sorted together. Most of the time people don’t realize that teenagers hate being advised all the time and they know that the adults they looked up to as kids are actually a mess. The best advice you will ever get as a teenager is that be yourself and don’t try to ape others. Being authentic is something teens strive to do, but ironically they enjoy aping someone they look up to and are more comfortable being someone else than themselves. This someone else can be a famous senior or a celebrity. The truth remains that teenagers are uncomfortable in their own skin and the only great advice you can give them is to be authentic. Moreover, don’t belittle them for who they are, allow them to be expressive and open and let them develop a personality of their own.

Teenage is a difficult age, but it is also a very special time where you get to discover who you are. Use this time wisely and learn everything that you want to. Something more interested and thoughtful on this…