How do I Temporarily Disable BullGuard?

Ava Wilson
Apr 6, 2019 · 2 min read

BullGuard has so many advantages, that they are now hard to count. With features like vulnerability scanner tracking any vulnerable places in your PC that are susceptible to attacks, a firewall that uses much lesser CPU power and provides many more added layers of security against attacks.

The parental control that allows you to take care of your children’s safety online by blocking any websites that seem suspicious, triple layer protection by its next-gen anti-malware, a game booster and much more, BullGuard knows how to make its presence felt.

There are times when you might need to disable BullGuard. With all its glories, there are times when your work will not get done without disabling the software. For instance, while using mining software like Monero, sometimes Bullguard insists that the mining software, which is used widely by the mining community, is a Trojan.


From here, the ideal course of action to take is to go to the support page of the software. It will tell you that if you consider the software’s detection a false positive, then click on ‘Report False Positive’. The support page welcomes any number of cases of ‘False Positives’, which it then delves into. They are whitelisted if found legitimate. Else, you should quarantine the file for the time being so as to not cause any damage to your computer.

Method 1

If this too does not work, then you can go into your setting and click on “Advanced”, which you will find at the top of the right-hand corner. Now, in the left-hand side menu, select “antivirus” and here you will see the option of turning off the antivirus protection. Then you have to restore the file in Quarantine. Again, go to settings and under Antivirus > Turning. When you see ‘Skip files/folders’, put a check next to it.

In ‘files/folders’, there will be a + icon. Here, locate the file and select ‘OK’, which will add it to the skipped files’ list. Now, if you turn on the antivirus protection again, you should not face the Quarantine issue again.

Method 2

Another route you can take for temporarily disabling Bullguard is to click on the ‘Settings’ in your BullGuard software. On the menu on the left, there will be an option called ‘real-time antiviruses. Click on it and then select ‘off’. Now go to the firewall section and switch off the firewall here. With this Bullguard will get temporarily disabled and you can later get the antivirus enabled whenever you need to.


However, if none of this works and you still continue to face the same issues, you can always contact the support team at Bullguard Helpline Number UK. They are available quickly and are eager to help.

Ava Wilson

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My name is AVA Wilson, I am a native of UK, I am a technical expert associated with a notified company here,

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