12 Months

We’ve had a busy month and a half so I’m really late with the 12 months post. Some might say this post was the most important — since it means we’ve made it to a year, but I prefer to think that we’ve been enjoying the moments and I haven’t been obsessing about getting this post done on time.

We celebrated Theo’s birthday during a trip to Virginia. My sister recently moved there and we wanted to explore her city with her. Plus there were UCI Worlds bike races were happening the week we were there. Finally, it was a good place to have a little birthday celebration with family as all of our siblings (but one) live in Virginia. Justin’s parents came in from out of town for the celebration too. Justin’s sister has two boys who share the same birthday week as Theo too, so we celebrated all three boys — sang happy birthday three times and each boy had candles lit for them.

Cousin Birthday Party in Virginia
The eve of his birthday

Theo feels less and less like a baby and more like a toddler these days even though he’s not even close to toddling or walking around. He’s 23 lbs 4.5 oz (25%) and 31.5 in tall (90%). Before we was born, one of our doctors told us that his measurements at a year would be most indicative of what he would be like as an adult. So if that means anything, he’s going to be a tall and skinny guy — pretty much following all of the gene pools.

He continues to love to eat; I purposefully didn’t give him a whole cake for him to smash / eat at his birthday party as there was a chance he might eat the whole thing. He certainly had no problem finishing the large slice of cake we gave him. His favorite foods are raspberries and yogurt — he’s been practicing using a spoon. He’s had some dairy products, yogurt and cheese, but we haven’t given him any milk yet. He’s still nursing 5 about 5 times a day — first thing in the morning, before his nap, after his nap, mid-afternoon snack, and before bed. I’ve contemplated weaning, but I’m just not ready yet. I don’t think that Theo is ready either. I’m just taking it a couple weeks at a time and am trusting my gut on this one.

First time using a spoon. Some of the yogurt ended up in his mouth.

He loves to read books — he prefers books to any of his other toys, though the push cart that we got him for his birthday ranks pretty high up too. He loves to practice walking with his cart and my mom brought him some blocks to put into his cart which he really likes too.

Atlantic Ocean — still doesn’t like having his toes in the water. But we’ve accomplished Atlantic, Gulf, Mediterranean, and Lake Michigan all before he turned one. Oddly enough, no toes in the Pacific which is the closest body of water to where we currently live…

Theo continues to do a lot of talking. He says ‘mum’ when he’s eating and enjoying his food, wants another bite, is asking to nurse, and just to express his happiness with food in general. He’s not saying any real other words (though now, at almost 13 months, he’s now saying ‘baby’) and not saying mama or dada specifically to Justin and I, but he babbles on for a long time. It will be fun to hear the stories he has to tell when the words become real. He is very silly and loves to giggle and laugh. He’s starting to instigate games himself which is so fun. One of his favotire games recently has been to look for my belly button and then when he sees my skin, he giggles and gives me a kiss. It’s a pretty sweet game since it results in lots of kisses for me.

Theo doesn’t cry very often, but when he does (& when it’s a real cry, not a whine cry), listening to the music from his music class always calms him down. Although he’s pretty easy going, I see hints of toddler-hood coming through with his increase of vocalization of his opinions (which is my nice way of saying that he’s becoming a toddler and starting to push the boundaries!).

Stool building

During Labor Day weekend, Justin built a stool for Theo based on this inspiration. Justin loved to show Theo all the parts that went into designing and then building a stool and Theo was pretty curious to watch too. The result is beautiful and solid. We were able to use it during Theo’s one year pictures too. (I’ll show those in another post.) One funny thing that happened during his pictures was that he was sitting on the stool and then he did a little face plant off of the stool. There were a few tears, but after some snuggles, he was ready to go again!

One other silly thing that’s been happening lately is with the vacuum. Theo love / hates when I get out the vacuum. He crawls very quickly close to it and then away from it while I’m vacuuming. Often I have to stop in the middle of vacuuming, I often have to pause to move things to vacuum around them. During that time, Theo crawls over to the vacuum and gently presses the button to turn it on. Often he doesn’t push the button hard enough to turn it on, but when he does for a second, he starts crying and crawls away still crying. Sometimes he does it about 4 times in a row; maybe he likes the thrill of not knowing if it’s going to turn on or not.

With Lissie at Aunt Molly’s house.

He’s pretty cute, our Theo. I’m enjoying these days, but I’m also looking really forward to watching him grow up.

This is why you take all the monthly photos, right? Happy 1st birthday, big guy!