Nine Months

We celebrated nine months with Theo last week. As so often happens, as we passed this small milestone, there was a lot of development going on.

We went to the doctor for Theo’s 9 month visit and got some accurate stats on his height and weight. I am going to start giving up on guessing his weight because I always think he’s going to weight a pound or more than he actually does. I was sure this time that we would be at least 20 pounds with how much he’s been eating and with how quickly my arms get tired when carrying him around. I was wrong again: 18 lbs 13 oz. (This puts him in the 25% for weight.)

He still has his height going for him — 29 inches tall. (This puts him in the 90% for height). As I continue to buy clothes [when necessary] for him, I’m getting better and better and finding the brands that make cute clothes for tall skinny boys.

He is eating three large meals each day. I think I’ve only other met one baby that eats as much as he does. Here is a sample day of foods.
Nurse at 6:30 am
Breakfast at 8:00 am:
- 1 1/2 cups of oatmeal with sweet potato and blueberry puree
- 1/2 cup cheerios
Nurse at 9:30 am followed by a nap
Nurse at 12:00 pm after the nap
Lunch at 1:00 pm:
- 4
Spinach & black bean bites dipped in greek yogurt
- 1/4 avacado drizzled with balsamic vinegar
- 10 Raspberries
- One sweet potato muffin with blueberries
Nurse at 3:30 pm
Dinner at 5:30 pm
- 1 cup of curried chicken with sweet potatoes & peaches
- One pack of purple carrot & blueberry crackers
Bedtime nurse at 6:30 pm

His favorite foods right now are the sweet potato muffins that I make for him and raspberries.

He’s burning all those calories with all of his new skills. He still isn’t crawling on hands and knees, but combat crawls all across the house quite efficiently. I have to keep the vacuum out because otherwise when I pick him up, he looks like a swiffer sweeper — covered in dog hair & dirt. (I vacuum almost daily, but obviously, I’m not a perfect housekeeper; just ask Justin!)

He’s also learned how to go from sitting to crawling and from crawling to sitting. And for the biggest accomplishment, he also pulls himself up onto furniture and is starting to cruise along it. Watching him, it is so evident how hard he is working to stay standing and move his feet. Soon, it will just be a honed skill for him, but it’s fun to watch it be so new and challenging.

He continues to love to talk. He babbles most of the time that he’s awake and is combining different consonants and vowels. His babbling has gone from ‘da dadada’ to ‘yiyi-ba-da-ma’. He also is starting to babble in this middle of his cries.

He sleeps very well at night, but still only takes one long-ish nap during the day. When we first came home from France, his days and nights were switched a bit and so he was taking two long naps during the day, but not sleeping 12 hours at night. I quickly decided that I prefer the 12 hours at night. Although he is mostly a joy to be with while he’s awake, I so appreciate having the evening with Justin to relax just the two of us.

He still loves the dogs and they love him, though they don’t always seem so excited that he thinks that they are mountains to conquer crawling over. They are choosing to sit on the couch or ottoman more these days than on the floor. Smart dogs. But soon he’ll be finding them on the couch with his cruising.

It’s hard to believe all the changes that happen in the first 9 months. Babies are so amazing and incredibly resilient. And cute too!

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