Our Monday

I’ve missed some days. But that means that we’ve been living life well.

Bookshelf! Almost complete!

It was a busy weekend. Justin worked on the bookshelf; it still needs trim & to be painted, but other than that, it’s all done and it looks great! I’m so happy to have the most awful of all our art niches gone! This weekend, I also finished cutting in all the other art niches, so Justin just has to go through with the roller (not my forte) and finish them. It shouldn’t take too long.

I need to work on getting the other cutting in work done in the dining room and the office so that Justin can do the rolling in there too. Justin’s parents are coming for Theo’s birthday, so we have one weekend left to get the projects under control in preparation for their arrival. I think we can do it.

While Justin works on projects in the house, I have to find ways to distract Theo from getting in the way. This is usually best done by vacating the house. So on Saturday, I took him to the airplane museum for the morning. That evening, we went out for dinner to our favorite pizza place around here and both of us agreed that it was in the top 5 best meals we’ve ever had. I was still exclaiming with pleasure each bite that I took the 3rd piece in!

It’s a neopolitan pizza place and they fire all the pizzas in a wood burning oven. I’ve seen other parents bring along a booster seat for their kids and then sit at the bar, but I’ve always forgotten to do it until this time. We sat up at the bar and could see in the oven and could also watch them make all the pizzas. Theo loved it! And we liked it too, because it meant that we could enjoy our dinner and Theo was happily distracted & entertained.

Our new chair finally arrived! Our living room is slowly getting furnished. Our rug should be done this week too!

After a late Saturday night, Theo slept in till 9(!!!!) on Sunday morning, so we skipped church, had a leisurely breakfast of Almond Dutch Baby, took the dogs for a nice walk (there was a lovely fall crisp in the air which has since gone away & the heat has returned…), and then I took Theo to the play museum again on Sunday before his nap to get us out of Justin’s way.

Today we took the dogs for a walk, went to the library, and to the playground before naps. After dinner tonight we played outside for a while and had fun playing football together. Theo would love it when I would ‘hike’ the ball to him and then he would run the ball to Justin. It was so cute. It’s so fun to see him start to play and take such pleasure in his newfound capabilities.

Happy Monday! Just a little more than a week until Theo turns 2!

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