Seven Months

Theo is on the move at seven months. It made taking pictures very challenging, so we moved to a new spot where he would be less mobile.

The old advice that ‘just when you’ve got things figured out, it all changes’ rings so true these days, especially when it comes to sleep. Theo was taking one 3 hour nap each day with a catnap on the side every couple of days, but now he’s switching to two 2-ish hour naps instead. I’m also re-navigating the nighttime sleep as he’s been waking earlier and earlier — last weekend he was up before 5 both mornings. So this week, while Justin was in Chicago, we had morning sleep bootcamp. Each morning, I set my alarm for 6 am, so that when he started fussing, I would know if it was late enough for him to wake up. Monday was the worst. There was a lot of crying. Every day has been better since then and the last two days, he’s been sleeping in past 6! Hooray!

The zebra & everything else go right into his mouth these days.

He’s also an eater. He hasn’t turned down a spoonful of food yet. In fact, I’m starting to think that he is overeating as he’s still spitting regularly. So, I think that I need to trust my gut and cut down the amount of food that he eats at a meal. The baby food book I consult recommends adding a meal each month so that by the time he gets to 9 months, he’s eating three meals a day. I’m thinking more meals a day with smaller amounts of food at each. He eats a wide variety of foods; it’s fun to make different combinations of things and each thing he eats with gusto.

Theo is impatient. I’m working on little ways to help him learn to be a bit more patient. I’m like a broken record lately telling him “you can wait” when he fusses because things aren’t happening fast enough. Food is one of the areas where he is especially impatient.

Theo is combat crawling everywhere and getting into more and more things. With it being the season for shedding dogs, I have to vacuum daily or risk him looking like a swiffer when I pick him up. His favorite things to crawl towards are the dogs’ antlers and my laptop (when we’re FaceTiming with family). He’s also learning to get up onto his knees with a little encouragement and likes to rock back and forth a little bit. We lowered the mattress in his crib in preparation for him pulling himself up.

He still isn’t sitting reliably, although it seems like the sitting that he is doing is enough for 7 months, but we got a few tips from our physical therapist and we are practicing each day.

Full of smiles in front of the camera… little ham

Theo isn’t smiling quite as much these days and is starting to notice when I go out of the room for a minute. Still, he has ‘alone time’ for a little while each day and plays in his crib happily for 30 minutes or more. The other day I was able to vacuum the whole house while he played in his crib. Small victories!

He enjoys his toes, peek-a-boo, kisses in his neck and zerberts on his tummy, and little word games like patty-cake and round & round the garden. He loves to be thrown up into the air above our heads and likes to dance, especially while looking in the mirror. He’s still a joy to be around giving little hugs and kisses, and he lights up with smiles for me across the room.

We applied for and received his passport this past month and are looking forward to our trip to France next month. Next month is going to be busy with my nephews’s graduation and then Theo’s first time to Europe. Both Justin and I remarked that he got his passport quite a bit sooner than either of us. He’s a lucky kid starting international travel early!

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