Baby VB, We’re Ready for You.

“Our bags our packed; we’re ready to go.” — John Denver
37 weeks

At almost 38 weeks, we’re ready to head to the hospital whenever this little one decides to make his or her appearance. In the meantime, we just continue with weekly doctor’s appointments and attempt to put some sleep in the bank.

We have a few last minute things that we’d like to do before Baby VB arrives, but nothing that is absolutely necessary. We’re hoping to get the final nursery decoration — a map of the world — up on the wall, have one more nice dinner out, enjoy a few more walks with T and S sans stroller, and of course, J wants to enjoy a few more rides on his beautiful, recently upgraded, bike.

Answers to commonly asked questions.
Official due date: Saturday, September 20
Gender: Well, we know one thing, it’s a baby! And according to the ultrasounds, it’s in the 80th–90th% for size —weight approximation, head, and femur measurements
Name: Yes, we have some names picked out, but you’ll just have to wait until Baby VB arrives!
Me: Exhausted and uncomfortable; ready for baby to be here. I have lots of braxton hicks contractions, and baby has and continues to drop, but no other concrete signs of impending labor.
Where: Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles; who would have thought two small town Michiganders would have a baby in Beverly Hills...
Delivery: J and I will be supported by our doula, along with our doctor.
After: My mom is coming right after Baby VB is born to spend several weeks to help us adjust to life with a baby. She’ll mostly be cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and of course, kissing and petting the dogs — making sure they don’t feel too left out with all the changes. ☺ My dad will join her for a long weekend in early October, and my sister will come for a visit soon after she leaves too. We are looking forward to spending Thanksgiving through New Years in Michigan, as we did last year, so that we can spend lots of time with Grandparents. I’m under no delusions about who the grandparents will really want to spend time with.

Of course all of this preparing for this baby feels different from last time, but also bring back many memories. I am currently more pregnant than I’ve ever been, having delivered S & J at 35 weeks. We anticipate an emotional birth, and I can’t wait to hear this baby cry — something we never heard from S & J.

We are so excited for all of the changes happening in the next weeks! Most of all, we can’t wait to meet Baby VB.

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