How to choose a dating site: A beauty’s five years’ dating experiences

Millionaire dating is a miracle for those lucky singles who have successfully got a millionaire match, while it also brings troubles to some people who are not so lucky in meeting and dating a millionaire, what’s worse, some may become a victim of scam or fraud.

Jean Garrett is absolutely one of the few lucky ladies who’ve successfully married a millionaire man. In her five years’ millionaire dating journey, she tried many millionaire dating sites and met a lot of bad guys, although the majority guys she met were great. Finally, she went into marriage with her millionaire man and enjoyed a great lifestyle. To recall her dating experience in the previous five years, Jean have the following millionaire dating tips for singles who are still using online dating.

Millionaire Dating Tip No.1: Join the best millionaire dating site

Quality is much more important than quantity. Usually you just need to join the best millionaire dating site and keep yourself active. There must be a reason for the site stand out of the rest. For serious dating, MillionaireMatch is undisputed the best choice. There are many millionaire dating review sites and almost all of them ranked millionaire match as the only preferred choice for serious millionaire dating site.

Millionaire Dating Tip No.2: Join a millionaire dating site with excellent customer service.

If a dating site has poor customer service, it doesn’t deserve to join. Millionaires are excellent people, almost all of them wanted to be properly served. So they will not be interested in a dating site with poor service. Without millionaires, how can you date a millionaire on that site? Customer support is one of the very important factors to judge whether a millionaire dating site is high quality. Everybody knows that millionaire dating site is also a good choice for jerks and scammers. A dating website with good customer service will be able to filter out these bad guys at the earliest time. This is also a reason for us to choose a millionaire dating site with excellent customer support.

Millionaire Dating Tip No.3: Protect your private info

Internet dating is anonymous. So you don’t need to put all your personal information on millionaire dating sites and make it public. Otherwise it may be inappropriately used by some wicked people and it will greatly increase of the possibility of being scammed. Experienced person will never show their full name, home address, frequently used email address, or phone number a millionaire dating website, and they know they will never keep the dating communication off-site until they know each other very well.

Jean shared much more tips on how to successfully date a millionaire man online. More details were published on, a millionaire dating review website.

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